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  When I was nine, I had a neat party trick. Whenever requested (I’m actually amazed anyone requested this) I would recite the fifty states in order of size. This was fun for me. I loved studying the almanac.    

   Now that I’m grown; I have a better party trick. Whenever requested (and my friends request this a lot) I whip up a batch of cookies from scratch. This is fun and delicious for me. I love pouring over cookbooks.  

  I never thought to combine these passions until I came upon the “50 States 50 Pies” project of Stacey Mei Yan Fong. She baked her way across the nation and I want to do the same, but with cookies. 

  The geography, agriculture, and history of each state will influence my choice of recipe. Most will be sweet, but a few will be savory. In addition to talking about food, I can’t help but throw in maps and fun facts about the good ol’ U.S. of A. Please explore and enjoy!

   Wait, who am I? My name is Teresa Prince Conway and I am a former photojournalist, practicing sonographer, and enthusiastic home cook.

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